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For many regions, termites are a costly nuisance, causing billions of dollars of damage each year and unsafe living conditions for families. Early detection and treatment are key.

The two basic types of termites include subterranean termites; can consume 15 pounds of wood in one week, can be discovered by mud tunnels from surrounding soil of your property and can penetrate through wall joints and floor cracks.

Flying drywood termites are more adapative. Unlike subterranean these termites need less moisture to survive os they can live in many climates and it can take years for their damage to become obvious. Because they fly they are more difficult to treat. A whole house fumigation is often necessary to treat flying dryood termites.

Habitat of Termites

They live in the ground and require a high moisture content which is why they create shelter tubes to retain the moisture. They will die off when they become too dry. They live 30-40 feet deep in the ground. They seek out moisture which might be your yard sprinkler or a leaky faucet inside the home.

Signs of Active Termites

Best thing to look for will be on the drywall; look for bubbling, paint flaking from the walls leaving salt and pepper like feces in its place. Also look for honeycombing and press against baseboards to find any weak spots.

Termite Prevention Tips

  1. Use only treated lumber when doing new construction.
  2. Seal all cracks and crevices in and around the home with caulking.
  3. Double-check your roof, plumbing and fixtures for leaks.
  4. Use proper soil grading around your home, so water flows away from the property instead of toward which causes an ideal environment for termites.

Fontana Termite Control Services

We can help you locate any active termites as well as help you eliminate them. Because of the damage they can do we recommend having a regular termite inspection performed every year because the earlier you detect a problem the quicker you can seek treatment which will help get rid of them before your property becomes overrun or infested.

The crawl spaces are notorious for displaying termite activity and damage so this is just one area we always make sure to check when providing a termite inspection. To learn more about our Fontana termite control solutions just give us a call. Don’t wait until it’s too late and you have to spend even more money on costly structural repairs; call (909) 829-5579 today!

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