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Garages are notorious places for cobwebs and spiders. The common house spider is less than a quarter of an inch long. Females are just slightly larger than males. A typical house spider egg sac has anywhere from 200-800 baby eggs in it. Within a year the egg sacs will hatch and cause a major infestation. If you see these egg sacs in the corners of your windows remove them immediately.

How can you tell if it’s a house spider? Look at the web; if one part is thicker than the other it’s most likely a house spider. If the spider likes to stay on this thicker part of the web, it’s likely a house spider. The house spider can be found outdoors as well indoors. Your basement, barn, shed, attic, backyard, garden and any other man-made structure makes a great home for house spiders.

The majority of spiders that you’ll find in and around your home are going to be harmless but one spider that you might come across that is in fact poisonous is the black widow.

Black Widow

Black Widow webs are more durable than typical spider webs. If you notice a web that catches leaves and other debris that typical webs would break from, it could possibly be a black widow web. Another thing about these webs is that they are chaotic in nature; in disarray. Completely different than funnel spiders and orb spiders that create patterned webs. Black widows aren’t aggressive unless they feel threatened or spooked.

Female black widows are around 40 mm long with globular abdomens ranging from 9 to 13 mm; with a distinctive hourglass marking. Males are lighter and smaller; around 30 mm long. Because these spiders are venomous it’s always important to use extra caution when trying to remove them from your property or call a professional to do it for you. You won’t necessarily find them in your home as they prefer dim spaces like brush, garages, basements, hollow stumps, dense vegetation, trash and even rodent holes. If you’ve discovered what appears to be a black widow just call our Fontana spider control experts right away; we can take care of the spider for you.

Fontana Spider Management

In order to effectively get rid of spiders for good you need to know what kind are invading your property. Once we can identify the spider we can create a plan of action. Most spiders are only looking for food which is the many other pesky insects inside or around your property already. Eliminating harmless spiders is okay but remember that they do keep the mosquitoes and other pests from taking over your home as well.

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