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Very few insects are more detested than the cockroach. Even the word can be insulting. So, let’s say you have cockroaches in your home, office or business? Cockroaches don’t have a brain, per say, but they do have instinct and a ferocious desire to survive and reproduce. They’re small and can fit in the cracks and crevices all around your property.

Fontana Cockroaches

Roaches, like the German roach, have great peripheral vision thanks to some wrap-around eyes that curve into their head. Their antennae detect food and water, as well as threatening odors. So the roach keeps its antennae clean.

But, it’s their hairs that form the front-line of the cockroach defense system. Super sensitive hairs alert the roach when you make your move. And it takes off at speeds up to 11 inches per second; the human equivalent of 93 mph. All roaches want is food, water and warmth. Your house has all three. A roach can go an entire month without food.

Think about that for a minute; in one month do you really think you won’t find a leak or dirty dish to provide that source located in your own home?

Unfortunately, the nightmare only gets worse. The cockroaches are ready to reproduce 2 months after birth. The female mates only once in her lifetime. After 10 days an egg capsule forms. A month later cockroach babies begin sprouting from the capsule. 80% of babies, the ones not eaten by adults, survive. If you’ve got 1,000 cockroaches in your property, in 6 months that number can be 10,000.

However, there is at least one good thing cockroaches do; Cockroaches are recyclers of dead and decaying animals and plants. Of the 4,000 roach species only %1 are considered pests. The more you start to look at the situation the more it might seem that we live in their world instead of the other way around.

German Cockroaches

The German cockroach is the most common found in Fontana homes and businesses. Why do you think restaurants are often haunted by cockroaches? Because they constantly prepare, store and serve food at their place of business; something the cockroaches want. Preventing cockroaches is not impossible and is recommended for both homes and businesses.

“My house is very clean and tidy.”

Even if that is the case, you are still at risk for getting cockroaches for two reasons: (1) cockroaches cannot distinguish the difference in a clean or dirty home as long as they find food and water, and (2) your neighbors play an important role in the risk for development of cockroaches. You might be surprised how many of our customers have discovered cockroaches that came from a neighboring property. Even so, we offer regular maintenance plans to help you ward off cockroaches for good, all year long. Call (909) 829-5579 today to learn more about our Fontana cockroach control services.

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