Termite Control Fontana

For many regions, termites are a costly nuisance, causing billions of dollars of damage each year and unsafe living conditions for families. Early detection and treatment are key.

The two basic types of termites include subterranean termites; can consume 15 pounds of wood in one week, can be discovered by mud tunnels from surrounding soil of your property and can penetrate through wall joints and floor cracks.

Flying drywood termites are more adapative. Unlike subterranean these termites need less moisture to survive os they can live in many climates and it can take years for their damage to become obvious. Because they fly they are more difficult to treat. A whole house fumigation is often necessary to treat flying dryood termites.

Habitat of Termites

They live in the ground and require a high moisture content which is why they create shelter tubes to retain the moisture. They will die off when they become too dry. They live 30-40 feet deep in the ground. They seek out moisture which might be your yard sprinkler or a leaky faucet inside the home.

Signs of Active Termites

Best thing to look for will be on the drywall; look for bubbling, paint flaking from the walls leaving salt and pepper like feces in its place. Also look for honeycombing and press against baseboards to find any weak spots.

Termite Prevention Tips

  1. Use only treated lumber when doing new construction.
  2. Seal all cracks and crevices in and around the home with caulking.
  3. Double-check your roof, plumbing and fixtures for leaks.
  4. Use proper soil grading around your home, so water flows away from the property instead of toward which causes an ideal environment for termites.

Fontana Termite Control Services

We can help you locate any active termites as well as help you eliminate them. Because of the damage they can do we recommend having a regular termite inspection performed every year because the earlier you detect a problem the quicker you can seek treatment which will help get rid of them before your property becomes overrun or infested.

The crawl spaces are notorious for displaying termite activity and damage so this is just one area we always make sure to check when providing a termite inspection. To learn more about our Fontana termite control solutions just give us a call. Don’t wait until it’s too late and you have to spend even more money on costly structural repairs; call (909) 829-5579 today!

Spider Control Fontana

Garages are notorious places for cobwebs and spiders. The common house spider is less than a quarter of an inch long. Females are just slightly larger than males. A typical house spider egg sac has anywhere from 200-800 baby eggs in it. Within a year the egg sacs will hatch and cause a major infestation. If you see these egg sacs in the corners of your windows remove them immediately.

How can you tell if it’s a house spider? Look at the web; if one part is thicker than the other it’s most likely a house spider. If the spider likes to stay on this thicker part of the web, it’s likely a house spider. The house spider can be found outdoors as well indoors. Your basement, barn, shed, attic, backyard, garden and any other man-made structure makes a great home for house spiders.

The majority of spiders that you’ll find in and around your home are going to be harmless but one spider that you might come across that is in fact poisonous is the black widow.

Black Widow

Black Widow webs are more durable than typical spider webs. If you notice a web that catches leaves and other debris that typical webs would break from, it could possibly be a black widow web. Another thing about these webs is that they are chaotic in nature; in disarray. Completely different than funnel spiders and orb spiders that create patterned webs. Black widows aren’t aggressive unless they feel threatened or spooked.

Female black widows are around 40 mm long with globular abdomens ranging from 9 to 13 mm; with a distinctive hourglass marking. Males are lighter and smaller; around 30 mm long. Because these spiders are venomous it’s always important to use extra caution when trying to remove them from your property or call a professional to do it for you. You won’t necessarily find them in your home as they prefer dim spaces like brush, garages, basements, hollow stumps, dense vegetation, trash and even rodent holes. If you’ve discovered what appears to be a black widow just call our Fontana spider control experts right away; we can take care of the spider for you.

Fontana Spider Management

In order to effectively get rid of spiders for good you need to know what kind are invading your property. Once we can identify the spider we can create a plan of action. Most spiders are only looking for food which is the many other pesky insects inside or around your property already. Eliminating harmless spiders is okay but remember that they do keep the mosquitoes and other pests from taking over your home as well.

Call (909) 829-5579 today if you’re wanting to get spider control for your home or business. We can answer any questions you might have and explain our spider solution in more detail for you if you would like.

Rodent Control Fontana

Rodents are a nuisance when they invade your home or property. Some carry disease, they’re not very pretty to look at, and most cause extensive damage to a structure if left untreated for too long. Rats and mice can be a big pain to deal with on your own, even with the help of store-bought products and pesticides. If you’re tired of dealing with them just give us a call at (909) 829-5579. After all, that’s what we are here for!

Norway Rats

Norway rats, also known as sewer rats, can be a hassle to deal with. These large, robust rodents can be up to 16 inches in length but the typical length of a Norway rat is 7-10 inches.  They are typically a grayish-brown color but can be anything from pure grey to a reddish brown. While not commonly found inside the home it is not uncommon to find them outdoors, especially near ponds, marshes, fields, woods, dumps, old buildings, sewers, barns and basements. Almost always near some source of water; they can swim and climb.

Roof Rats

Roof rats, also called black rats weigh a few less ounces than a Norway rat. Their tail length is about the same but their general appearance is what helps distinguish the difference. Roof rats are more sleek and graceful in appearance. They may choose to inhabit the trees or fences covered in shrubbery. Should they invade your home they will likely inhabit the basement or other area under your structure. While they eat just about anything, their preferences include cereal products, vegetables and fruits.

House Mouse

The house mouse is the most common rodent in the Fontana area. They breed very quickly throughout the year making it hard to get rid of them once you have an infestation. They gain entry into your home through very small holes; they can fit through a nickel-sized hole. They are excellent climbers which means no area of your home is ‘off-limits’ to these rodents. They can transmit disease and carry mites, ticks, fleas, and lice. If you suspect a house mouse problem it’s time to take control right away to prevent more from taking over your property.


Not everyone is familiar with the voles found in Fontana because they aren’t as common but still do invade properties on occasion. This rodent is 6 – 8 ½ inches long. It is an olive-brownish color and has a grayish belly. These rodents remain active throughout the year which is why it’s highly important to take action at the first sign of a vole problem. Unsure of just what you need to do?

Give our rodent control Fontana experts a call at (909) 829-5579 right now. Ask about our rodent control services and how you can receive treatment today to start controlling and eliminating the rodents on your property.

Cockroach Control Fontana

Very few insects are more detested than the cockroach. Even the word can be insulting. So, let’s say you have cockroaches in your home, office or business? Cockroaches don’t have a brain, per say, but they do have instinct and a ferocious desire to survive and reproduce. They’re small and can fit in the cracks and crevices all around your property.

Fontana Cockroaches

Roaches, like the German roach, have great peripheral vision thanks to some wrap-around eyes that curve into their head. Their antennae detect food and water, as well as threatening odors. So the roach keeps its antennae clean.

But, it’s their hairs that form the front-line of the cockroach defense system. Super sensitive hairs alert the roach when you make your move. And it takes off at speeds up to 11 inches per second; the human equivalent of 93 mph. All roaches want is food, water and warmth. Your house has all three. A roach can go an entire month without food.

Think about that for a minute; in one month do you really think you won’t find a leak or dirty dish to provide that source located in your own home?

Unfortunately, the nightmare only gets worse. The cockroaches are ready to reproduce 2 months after birth. The female mates only once in her lifetime. After 10 days an egg capsule forms. A month later cockroach babies begin sprouting from the capsule. 80% of babies, the ones not eaten by adults, survive. If you’ve got 1,000 cockroaches in your property, in 6 months that number can be 10,000.

However, there is at least one good thing cockroaches do; Cockroaches are recyclers of dead and decaying animals and plants. Of the 4,000 roach species only %1 are considered pests. The more you start to look at the situation the more it might seem that we live in their world instead of the other way around.

German Cockroaches

The German cockroach is the most common found in Fontana homes and businesses. Why do you think restaurants are often haunted by cockroaches? Because they constantly prepare, store and serve food at their place of business; something the cockroaches want. Preventing cockroaches is not impossible and is recommended for both homes and businesses.

“My house is very clean and tidy.”

Even if that is the case, you are still at risk for getting cockroaches for two reasons: (1) cockroaches cannot distinguish the difference in a clean or dirty home as long as they find food and water, and (2) your neighbors play an important role in the risk for development of cockroaches. You might be surprised how many of our customers have discovered cockroaches that came from a neighboring property. Even so, we offer regular maintenance plans to help you ward off cockroaches for good, all year long. Call (909) 829-5579 today to learn more about our Fontana cockroach control services.

Boxelder Bug Control Fontana

Some people refer to them as ‘nuisance’ bugs because on a sunny afternoon they’ll be all over the side of your home and can even get in your home. They’re harmless pests but as stated a minute ago, can be a ‘nuisance.’ These pests don’t wreak havoc on your property or vegetation. The two cons to this pest are (1) the fact that it can leave a stain on light-colored surfaces when it defecates, and (2) the unpleasant odor released when stepped on or smashed.

These bugs are around ½ inch long when an adult. If you’ve noticed an increase in the boxelder population near your property you most likely have a female boxelder tree present nearby. This is their favorite food. Sure, they’ll eat other plants too but you won’t see a significant number of them when this is the actual case.

We receive many calls of people reporting bugs all over the sunny side of their home or property; almost always the pests are boxelder bugs. If you have a boxelder tree on your property, be prepared to see even more of them over passing months.

So how did these pesky little critters get into your property? They found their way in through windows, soffits, dryer vents, outdoor faucets, siding, doors, etc. Don’t worry, they won’t be reproducing in your home and multiplying like crazy. If the infestation is growing it’s only because you have a large population on your property; outside coming in.

The best way to prevent them from entering your home is inspecting around your doors and windows and other areas where any cracks or crevices might be present. Seal them to help keep the boxelder bugs out. Don’t keep piles of rocks, leaves or wood near your home as this is a great shelter for boxelder bugs during the warmer months. If you have a lot of them on the side of your property you might try “rinsing” them off so to speak. Use a hose and spray them off.

Vacuum them up or sweep them outside if they’re inside your property. You can even catch them and toss them outside if there is only a handful and you’re willing to touch them. Only on rare occasions have they been known to bite and did not cause any damage.

You won’t find any damage done to your home due to a boxelder bug infestation but we do realize the nuisance they can be. If you simply don’t want to put up with them give us a call at (909) 829-5579 to see how we can help.


Bed Bug Control Fontana

Bed bugs are blood-sucking nightmares and seem to be increasing all over the world. They need our blood to survive so as long as they have a host to feed on, they will stick around. People often feel terrified when they discover something has been biting them while they sleep.

Bed bugs are always hungry; they’re attracted to us by the carbon dioxide in our breath and the heat in our body. The adults can be seen with your naked eye but the nymphs are almost invisible.  Before the nymphs feed they are clearer in color. After feeding they become red due to the blood they’re feasting on.

The nymphs are born equipped with a highly specialized weapon; an elongated mouth called a stylet. It’s shaped similar to that of a hypodermic needle but obviously, much smaller. Their mouth parts are a unique tool perfectly specialized for feeding on blood. Using its hollow stylet like a straw the insect drinks its host’s blood, nearly doubling in size. If you happen to notice bed bugs with your naked eye pay attention to the shape. They are flat and oval before feeding and become elongated after feeding.

Determining Bed Bugs

Waking up with bites all over your body is a common way to learn you have bed bugs. The other way is by doing a thorough search of your beds and bedding. It’s easy for bed bugs to hide in your bedding and the seams of your mattress. If you have a headboard you need to thoroughly check it as well. Check the curtains and lampshades near the bed and baseboards around the home.  These are common hiding areas for bed bugs and the best places to look in order to determine if you do in fact have a bed bug problem on your hands. If you discover them or signs of them, give our Fontana bed bug control experts a call right away. We can schedule a time to come inspect your home and treat it for those pesky insects that nobody wants to deal with; ever.

Controlling Bed Bugs

The best way to control bed bugs is by seeking the help of a professional company; like us. We help eliminate the current adult bed bugs that are present in addition to the egg, larvae and pupa stages knocking out the reproduction of bed bugs which in turn prevents continuous infestation. Call (909) 829-5579 now to learn more about our Fontana bed bug control service and pricing information. Bed bugs can be very difficult to get rid of on your own so we hope to make it less painful on you and get your home bed-bug free as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Ant Control Fontana

Ants, the one pest many people completely dread. They can be small or big and often appear in numerous numbers. This can make it a challenge to get rid of them; especially when you’re unsure of what kind they are. Some store-bought pesticides will be a temporary fix or won’t work at all. Before we discuss our ant control options let’s further discuss typical house ants that we deal with here in Fontana.

First, to distinguish the difference in an ant and a termite you need to look at the body. You may question why you would need to do this but you would also be surprised at how many inspections we’ve done for termites that end up being ants and vice versa. A termite’s body will have a broad waist while ants have narrow waists.

Argentine Ant (aka the Sugar Ant)

This is a very common ant here in Fontana, CA. They enjoy sweets and oils which is why you may find them in your kitchen and grow to be 1/8 inch in length. Typically dark brown or black and shiny in appearance. They prefer areas near sources of food and when crushed may leave a musty odor behind. While they aren’t a health hazard it is possible for them to contaminate food which is why your food should be stored in sealed containers. Get rid of any standing water and leaking faucets or pipes to eliminate moisture in the property as well.

Carpenter Ants

These are another common ant to discover in the area. Unfortunately, carpenter ants can damage structures as they look to nest in wood but they don’t actually eat it. This is why they have their name “carpenter” ants. They can range from ¼ inch to ½ inch long. They are typically red and black or black in color. They eat both dead and living insects, fruit juices and prefer sweets. They too like moist environments and will leave frass (which looks like sawdust) outside or near their nests.

Pharaoh Ants

These 1/16 inch ants are often seen traveling along your counter tops, cabinets, baseboards, floors and carpets. Other times they are traveling via electrical wires and plumbing pipes making you unaware of their presence. They prefer to nest behind baseboards, in hollow curtain rods, cabinet and wall voids, or behind your refrigerator’s insulation. They gain entry into your home via any crack or crevice on the property.

There are other ants that you might have and it would take awhile to discuss them all but those above are the most common, including fire ants. Whatever type of ant might be invading your home does not matter as we are here to provide the best solution for your ant problem. Call (909) 829-5579 today and get a hassle-free quote and learn more about our Fontana ant control services

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