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Bed bugs are blood-sucking nightmares and seem to be increasing all over the world. They need our blood to survive so as long as they have a host to feed on, they will stick around. People often feel terrified when they discover something has been biting them while they sleep.

Bed bugs are always hungry; they’re attracted to us by the carbon dioxide in our breath and the heat in our body. The adults can be seen with your naked eye but the nymphs are almost invisible.  Before the nymphs feed they are clearer in color. After feeding they become red due to the blood they’re feasting on.

The nymphs are born equipped with a highly specialized weapon; an elongated mouth called a stylet. It’s shaped similar to that of a hypodermic needle but obviously, much smaller. Their mouth parts are a unique tool perfectly specialized for feeding on blood. Using its hollow stylet like a straw the insect drinks its host’s blood, nearly doubling in size. If you happen to notice bed bugs with your naked eye pay attention to the shape. They are flat and oval before feeding and become elongated after feeding.

Determining Bed Bugs

Waking up with bites all over your body is a common way to learn you have bed bugs. The other way is by doing a thorough search of your beds and bedding. It’s easy for bed bugs to hide in your bedding and the seams of your mattress. If you have a headboard you need to thoroughly check it as well. Check the curtains and lampshades near the bed and baseboards around the home.  These are common hiding areas for bed bugs and the best places to look in order to determine if you do in fact have a bed bug problem on your hands. If you discover them or signs of them, give our Fontana bed bug control experts a call right away. We can schedule a time to come inspect your home and treat it for those pesky insects that nobody wants to deal with; ever.

Controlling Bed Bugs

The best way to control bed bugs is by seeking the help of a professional company; like us. We help eliminate the current adult bed bugs that are present in addition to the egg, larvae and pupa stages knocking out the reproduction of bed bugs which in turn prevents continuous infestation. Call (909) 829-5579 now to learn more about our Fontana bed bug control service and pricing information. Bed bugs can be very difficult to get rid of on your own so we hope to make it less painful on you and get your home bed-bug free as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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