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Ants, the one pest many people completely dread. They can be small or big and often appear in numerous numbers. This can make it a challenge to get rid of them; especially when you’re unsure of what kind they are. Some store-bought pesticides will be a temporary fix or won’t work at all. Before we discuss our ant control options let’s further discuss typical house ants that we deal with here in Fontana.

First, to distinguish the difference in an ant and a termite you need to look at the body. You may question why you would need to do this but you would also be surprised at how many inspections we’ve done for termites that end up being ants and vice versa. A termite’s body will have a broad waist while ants have narrow waists.

Argentine Ant (aka the Sugar Ant)

This is a very common ant here in Fontana, CA. They enjoy sweets and oils which is why you may find them in your kitchen and grow to be 1/8 inch in length. Typically dark brown or black and shiny in appearance. They prefer areas near sources of food and when crushed may leave a musty odor behind. While they aren’t a health hazard it is possible for them to contaminate food which is why your food should be stored in sealed containers. Get rid of any standing water and leaking faucets or pipes to eliminate moisture in the property as well.

Carpenter Ants

These are another common ant to discover in the area. Unfortunately, carpenter ants can damage structures as they look to nest in wood but they don’t actually eat it. This is why they have their name “carpenter” ants. They can range from ¼ inch to ½ inch long. They are typically red and black or black in color. They eat both dead and living insects, fruit juices and prefer sweets. They too like moist environments and will leave frass (which looks like sawdust) outside or near their nests.

Pharaoh Ants

These 1/16 inch ants are often seen traveling along your counter tops, cabinets, baseboards, floors and carpets. Other times they are traveling via electrical wires and plumbing pipes making you unaware of their presence. They prefer to nest behind baseboards, in hollow curtain rods, cabinet and wall voids, or behind your refrigerator’s insulation. They gain entry into your home via any crack or crevice on the property.

There are other ants that you might have and it would take awhile to discuss them all but those above are the most common, including fire ants. Whatever type of ant might be invading your home does not matter as we are here to provide the best solution for your ant problem. Call (909) 829-5579 today and get a hassle-free quote and learn more about our Fontana ant control services

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